Workshop on Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Chandigarh College of Engineering CGC Jhanjeri, in collaboration with Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA), proudly announces the successful hosting of a one-day Workshop on Energy Conservation and Efficiency on February 5th, 2024.

This groundbreaking event convened a distinguished panel of experts representing various facets of the energy sector. Among them were Mr. Sudeep Toki, Founder of PunjGur Solutions; Mr. Harmeet Singh, Director of Coolways Group; Mr. Arvind Dhingra, an Electrical Engineer specializing in energy audits; Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma, an Architect with extensive design experience; and Mr. Money Khanna, Vice President of ASHRAE Chandigarh Chapter and BEE Certified Energy Auditor.

The workshop provided attendees with invaluable insights into sustainable practices and solutions, fostering meaningful discussions and connections. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, gaining clarity on pertinent topics and expanding their understanding of energy conservation and efficiency.

This event not only enriched academic discourse but also catalyzed real-world action towards a more sustainable future. The organizers extend heartfelt gratitude to the speakers and participants for their contribution