Workshop on IoT and Robotics


The 5-day Workshop on IoT and Robotics, jointly organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), culminated in a crescendo of practical learning experiences. The final day featured an immersive hands-on training session focused on small-scale projects integrating IoT and Robotics concepts. This session provided students from diverse disciplines such as Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML), and Robotics, spanning from the first to third years, with a collaborative platform to apply their knowledge and skills.

Under the guidance of Dr. Pardeep Jindal, alongside the expertise of esteemed external expert Dr. Kunal, and with the assistance of dedicated student coordinators from ME and ECE, the workshop fostered an environment of engaged learning. Individual feedback sessions ensured that each participant received personalized guidance, resulting in overall satisfaction among the students. Their triumphant presentation of various small projects underscored the success of the workshop in nurturing practical skills and fostering collaboration across disciplines.