Glamour Galore: CGC Jhanjeri Hosts Mr & Miss India International Star 2024

Recently, the Chandigarh School of Business at CGC Jhanjeri hosted its annual fashion extravaganza, Meraki 2024, and Mr & Miss India International Star 2024, captivating fashion enthusiasts with a showcase of unparalleled creativity and innovation. The event, dedicated to fashion design students, presented a mesmerizing array of themes and designs, leaving the audience spellbound.

Esteemed celebrity guests graced the event on both days, adding an extra layer of prestige as they meticulously evaluated the creativity and innovation displayed by the participating designers. With over 45 budding designers and 150 dresses based on over 15 themes, "Meraki" was a testament to the passion and talent of young minds, showcasing the individuality and creativity of the students.

The event not only celebrated talent but also reinforced the school's commitment to excellence in fashion education. Following the success of the initial showcase, the excitement continued with the selection of themes for the second round. The success of the event elevates the recognition of students within the industry and solidifies CGC Jhanjeri's position as a premier hub of creativity, innovation, and excellence in fashion education.

Such events serve as invaluable platforms to immerse students in the vibrant pulse of the fashion industry, providing them with firsthand exposure to its intricacies and challenges. This proactive approach underscores CGC Jhanjeri's commitment to nurturing students into the fashion designers of tomorrow, preparing them to thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape.