The Ideathon-2024 drew an overwhelming response, attracting a substantial turnout of 40 teams. Notably, 10 of these teams hailed from prestigious institutes such as Chandigarh University Gharuan Mohali, Chitkara University in Rajpura, and RIMT University in Mandi Gobindgarh. This diverse representation underscored the event's broad appeal and the enthusiasm it generated across different educational institutions.

A total of 85 students actively participated in the event, showcasing their innovative ideas and problem-solving skills. Among them, a significant majority of 58 students represented CGC Jhanjeri, highlighting the institution's strong presence and active involvement in such initiatives. The remaining 27 students represented various other institutions, contributing to the rich diversity of perspectives and ideas exchanged during the Ideathon.

The event's success was not merely in the numbers but also the collaborative spirit and creativity displayed by the participants. It served as a platform for budding innovators to showcase their talents, collaborate with peers from different backgrounds, and tackle real-world challenges through innovative solutions. Overall, Ideathon-2024 was a testament to the power of collective creativity and collaboration in driving meaningful change and fostering a culture of innovation within the academic community.