Fashion Design Students Explore Garment Production at Neva Garments Ltd., CGC Jhanjeri

Fashion Design Students at C

The Department of Fashion Design of CGC Jhanjeri embarked on an exhilarating industrial visit to Neva Garments Ltd. in Ludhiana. Students delved deep into the heart of garment production, encountering advanced machinery, cutting-edge techniques, and insightful sessions on fabric selection.

The visit provided a holistic understanding of the garment manufacturing process, from design conceptualization to the final product. Students had the opportunity to witness industry-standard practices and engage with professionals in the field, gaining practical knowledge.

CGC Jhanjeri commends Neva Garments Ltd for their hospitality and invaluable contribution to student learning. The Industrial Visit was a testament to the school's dedication to providing practical exposure and preparing students for successful careers in the fashion industry.