Trials for Sports Games at CGC Jhanjeri's Department of Student Welfare

Sports Trial

Calling all sports enthusiasts and athletes! Get ready to put your skills to the test as the Department of Student Welfare at CGC Jhanjeri announces the highly anticipated sports trials. This exciting event presents a golden opportunity for students to secure their spot in the college's esteemed sports teams.

With a commitment to nurturing sporting talent and fostering a sense of healthy competition, CGC Jhanjeri's Department of Student Welfare is all set to host trials for various sports disciplines.

Through these trials, we aim to identify students who possess exceptional skills and embody the values of teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship. The trials will be conducted by a panel of experienced coaches and sports experts who will evaluate participants based on their performance, technique, and potential.

Those who demonstrate exceptional abilities and a strong team spirit will have the chance to represent CGC Jhanjeri in various inter-college competitions and tournaments.

CGC Jhanjeri has a history of producing outstanding athletes who have made their mark at the regional and national levels. These trials are the gateway to joining this lineage of exceptional sportspeople and making a mark in the world of college sports.

So, if you're ready to kick, shoot, dribble, sprint, or serve your way into the limelight, mark your calendars for the sports trials hosted by CGC Jhanjeri's Department of Student Welfare. It's a chance to earn a spot in the college's sports teams and embark on a journey of growth, passion, and excellence.

Please visit the Department of Student Welfare for more information and registration details.