How Can India Become the Best International Education Hub?

The education system in India is an all-inclusive learning tenure that incorporates various modules to provide progressive knowledge acquiring process. With the changing times, the education system is continuously improving and giving the best and the latest curriculum to the students. But, there is still a lot missing here, especially in higher education.

According to a report, the last 2 decades have seen the highest percentage of Indians migrating to various parts of the globe and the maximum of them opted to migrate for higher studies and ultimately settle abroad.

Well, this is an alarming number and needs to be considered as soon as possible. Indians are a popular option for employers throughout the globe due to their capabilities to adapt quickly and stay diligent in what they do. Some of the main reasons for brain drain in India have been:

Lack of global education:

Most of the education levels in India are still running on the traditional education curriculum that includes all the course subjects relevant to India. This makes the students unfit for global ventures due to a lack of knowledge and exposure.

Lack of research-oriented education:

Theoretical learning is again the most stressed sphere in basic and higher education and therefore does not inculcate a habit of becoming an explorer and finding new things among the students. This creates a huge gap in the changing world scenario and what is being learnt by the students.

Lack of global tie-ups:

As another contributing factor, there is very little evidence of educational institutions having tie-ups with global universities to incorporate global education. This is a vital requirement as today"s world is all connected and a change in technology needs to be immediately adopted to match the upcoming trends and job requirements.

Less international students:

Students from many parts of the world come to India to study certain courses, but this number is still very less compared to others. A profound education upliftment is the need of the hour to attract more global students and create a conducive environment for better learning.

While all these have a major impact on pedagogy, there are institutions in India that are coming up with ultra-modern education systems to foster better learning and make the students globally competent.

Moreover, the year 2020 has been a turning point in revamping the education system in India with the latest and the best education policies being framed and incorporated. This initiative by the government of India is pouring a lot into making education in India a global standard and reducing the brain drain at large. With this, India has begun its journey to becoming a global education hub that shall lead the future with state-of-art professionals who will train and practise in India. The following three factors are essential elements in making education in India far-reaching:

International curriculum,

Practical/Research-based learning exposure,

and integrative approach.

Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri - North India’s Leading Educational Institute recognises the need for high-quality education and therefore incorporates top-rate programs to provide internationally accepted education. For more than two decades, the college has been providing some of the best education courses and has continuously incorporated the latest facilities and programs. Over the years and with continuous rejigging, the college today runs the following student-grooming programs that run in parallel to the academics to meet the global standards:

Earn While You Learn

Pre-Placement Training

Eminent Corporate Tie-Ups

Industry-Academia Interface

Global Higher Education Tie-Ups

Research-Oriented Learning Programs

Orientations and Training Programs

Entrepreneurship Development Program

Apart from these, a vibrant campus with students from all over the world make learning and grooming a value-adding tenure. Ranked among the top colleges in Punjab, CGC Jhanjeri provides industry-relevant education that propels prospering career opportunities.