Life After COVID 19 at CGC Jhanjeri Campus

The year 2020 has seen the devastating time of COVID 19 hitting the globe with uncertainty and fear. Gradually, new norms and ways of living were adapted where sanitization, wearing a mask and social distancing became essential. Another crucial phase came with the lockdown. This was far more depressing than anything else.

This still continues with some of the restrictions intact and the world has slowly adapted to it. The present-day scenario seems very normal with masks and sanitization protecting people and life getting back on track.

CGC-J- North India's Leading Educational Institute has always been vibrant and cheerful with enthusiastic students who fill the air with zeal. For almost 2 years, the campus felt barren but recently the bounce-back of students has created an environment of joyful learning.

This is what our students say about returning to the campus

Though online classes were in full swing, I missed that essence of studying in a classroom. I am very excited to be back on the campus”

I was waiting for this day eagerly. Today everything seems normal and the precautions at the college make it a safer place”

What I really missed was practical learning with all the latest equipment. Now I can learn better by experimenting at the hi-tech labs at the college”

Meeting friends and teachers is so exciting. It gives me the real feel of learning and flourishing in the classroom”

Well, as our students are excited, so are our teachers. This wonderful time of getting back to life is amazing and CGC Jhanjeri makes no stone unturned in ensuring the safety of all the staff and students while they are on the campus. To ensure safety, all the set guidelines are being practised to ensure the safety of all.

CGC Jhanjeri Campus - Students Coming After COVID 19

It was initially considered a big move to call the students and start the classes offline once again. Though the college was all prepared, the mood of the students and their parents was not known and therefore it was a bit uncertain about the response. But today, our campus is happy again with:

Higher Attendance: To our surprise, the students have actively participated in the college reopening program and have shown a significantly increasing attendance every day. Moreover, the students continue to invite their fellow mates to come and join the offline classes with higher morale and confidence.

Improved Social Life: Most of the students find coming to the college as a way to improve their social skills that they suppose was broken during the online classes. It has also been seen that the students are enjoying meeting friends, teachers and other students whom they have not seen all these months. This conducive learning ingrains in them a feeling of self-confidence to take up challenges and adapt to situations.

Practical Learning Exposure: This is something that was beyond everyone’s capacity during the lockdown. While studying for a career foundation, the role of practical learning is integral. With a lack of availability of tools and equipment, the students suffered a lack of practical knowledge. Now that the college is open, we see an increased inclination of students towards performing practicals in labs and workshops and clearing their doubts. Moreover, the students are enthralled to learn with the latest tools and equipment at the college.

Active Participation in Co-Curricular Activities: In order to make the students feel comfortable and adapt to certain changes, co-curricular activities are continuously arranged by the college. It has been a delight to see that more and more students come up to participate in these activities that earlier did. This is for sure a motivating factor for the students that boosts their morale and helps them cope with all the stress they gathered during the lockdown.

According to a survey, the students missed a lot of things while they were pursuing online classes. Some of them are:

Likewise, co-curricular activity participation, professional grooming programs, sports and activities, library resources are a few of the other parameters that were missed largely by the students.

Chandigarh Group Of Colleges Jhanjeri, the best educational institute in Punjab is a happy campus again with all the smiling faces coming back on the campus with enthusiasm to achieve their career goals. We are committed to the safety of all the people on the campus while fostering quality education that keeps learning a fruitful process.