Celebrate Health and Harmony at the Annual Faculty Sports Fiesta 2024

Celebrate Health and Harmony at the Annual Faculty Sports Fiesta 2024

The Faculty Sports Fiesta 2024 at CGC Jhanjeri, Mohali, held on February 10th, 2024, marked a vibrant and engaging event aimed at fostering camaraderie and promoting physical activity among the faculty members. The inauguration ceremony was graced by Ms. Bismon.

The event featured a diverse array of games catering to various interests and skill levels, including volleyball, badminton, cricket, jalebi race, carrom, chess, sack race, lemon race, musical chairs, tug of war, and more. This diverse range of activities ensured active participation from faculty members of all backgrounds and preferences, creating an inclusive and spirited atmosphere.

Faculty members enthusiastically engaged in the games, showcasing their competitive spirit and sportsmanship throughout the event. The lively ambiance reverberated with cheers, laughter, and friendly banter, as colleagues came together to celebrate the joy of sports and recreation.

The highlight of the event was the prize distribution ceremony, presided over by Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Executive Director of CGC Jhanjeri. Dr. Sharma commended the participants for their active involvement and dedication, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. He underscored the significance of sports in promoting physical and mental well-being, encouraging faculty members to prioritize regular physical activity as part of their lifestyle.

Overall, the Faculty Sports Fiesta 2024 proved to be a resounding success, fostering camaraderie, promoting physical fitness, and rejuvenating the spirit of the faculty members. Through engaging in a variety of sports and recreational activities, participants not only enjoyed a day of fun and excitement but also reaffirmed the bonds of friendship and collaboration within the academic community at CGC Jhanjeri.