CGC Jhanjeri Celebrates International Yoga Day with a Focus on Women's Empowerment

CGC Jhanjeri celebrated International Yoga Day with grandeur and purpose, centering the event around the empowering theme of “Women Empowerment Through Yoga.” This remarkable celebration brought together students, faculty, and esteemed guests in a harmonious blend of enlightenment and engagement, dedicating the day to exploring yoga’s profound benefits for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The event featured captivating demonstrations by two distinguished practitioners: Ms. Kavaya Jain, affiliated with The Art of Living, and Ms. Neha Gupta, who holds esteemed credentials from the Sri School of Yoga and the Ministry of Ayush. Ms. Jain and Ms. Gupta introduced participants to innovative yoga techniques designed for holistic wellness. Their sessions highlighted yoga’s capacity to build resilience, fortify strength, and cultivate inner peace, offering attendees a glimpse into cutting-edge practices that promote comprehensive health.

Enthusiastic participation from CGC Jhanjeri’s faculty and students underscored the community’s deep-seated commitment to holistic education. The engaging demonstrations were followed by a collective pledge: “I pledge to make YOGA an integral part of my daily life.” This pledge symbolized the community’s dedication to integrating yoga into daily routines, reflecting the institution's emphasis on fostering well-rounded, healthy individuals.

The event culminated in a reflective dialogue on yoga’s critical role in enhancing mental clarity and emotional stability. Attendees left inspired to adopt yoga as a lifestyle, aligning with CGC Jhanjeri’s mission to nurture both academic excellence and the well-being of its community.

This celebration of International Yoga Day at CGC Jhanjeri exemplifies the institution’s forward-thinking approach to holistic education. By fostering a culture that values both academic achievements and personal well-being, CGC Jhanjeri continues to empower its community, paving the way for a balanced and healthy future.