Inspiring Tomorrow: CGC Jhanjeri Honors Women Achievers

Womens Day

Embarking on a journey of inspiration and empowerment, CGC Jhanjeri illuminated the canvas of International Women's Day with the grandeur of the Women Achievers Award. This landmark event, in harmony with Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi's visionary roadmap for Viksit Bharat 2047, served as a beacon, acknowledging and applauding the remarkable achievements of women across diverse fields.

The event unfolded in the regal presence of Dr. Jyoti Yadav Bains, IPS (SP, Investigation/Add. Charge Counter Intelligence, Mohali), who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Her aura of wisdom and strength set the tone for an evening of celebration and empowerment. The guest list read featured Ms. Gurjit Kaur, an esteemed athlete from the Indian Women's Cricket Team; Ms. Ashley Kaur, a renowned Fitness Bhangra Coach; Ms. Prabh Grewal, a talented actress; Ms. Simran Kathuria, a distinguished nutritionist; RJ Shonali, the vibrant voice behind 94.3 MY FM; and Ms. Sarabjot Kaur, a senior anchor for the News 18 Network.

The event, a symphony of inspiration and interaction, wove together narratives of resilience and success. As the accomplished women shared their journeys, students were enraptured by the tales of triumph against odds and the passion that fueled their accomplishments. The interactive sessions provided a unique opportunity for the students to glean insights, advice, and wisdom from these accomplished guests, creating an atmosphere of mentorship and camaraderie.

Behind the scenes, Ms. Bismin Dhaliwal, the Director of Student Affairs, played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of the event. Her unwavering support and dedication mirrored the institution's commitment to fostering an environment where students can thrive and be inspired by real-world achievers.

In alignment with the government's vision, CGC Jhanjeri reaffirmed the pivotal role of women as pillars of democracy. The celebration was not merely an event; it was a transformative catalyst for countless dreams. As the day unfolded, it embodied the spirit of progress and unity, propelling the institution and its students towards a developed India where the strength, talent, and dreams of every woman are celebrated and nurtured. This grand celebration was a testament to CGC Jhanjeri's commitment to creating a future where every woman's potential is recognized, celebrated, and given the platform it deserves.