CUET Scholarship 2023-24

Solar Electric Bike

Students initiated to manufacture an eco friendly Electric Motorbike which in future meets the commercial requirements and promotes E-Mobility among the society. They have manufactured a vehicle by observing the current situation of the world we are living in, having ample amount of pollution to harm us and with not much non-renewable resources left with us.


HERO Electric Bike Challenge ISIE INDIA & hero Electric have co-created he first season of Skill, Innovation & Employability Program. The event where students from all over India will participate, retrofit and bring innovation in their E-Bike. This event is entirely different from other event, where manufacturing of the vehicle & Retrofitting both are included. This event is entirely based on the Innovation of Drive train and other aspects (Specially defined by Hero Electric). The event objective is to raise awareness among youth towards E-Mobility and to skill the engineering students towards new & trending technologies through this Innovative program. We Team Thunder Riders consisting of 9 members having a mindset to make a dent in the world by the vision of making economically affordable ecofriendly bike creating no pollution and running not on petrol, not on diesel or CNG but on “ELECTRICITY” generated using BATTERY. That’s why our motto is “GO GREEN, AND RIDE”.

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